✺ OPENING CELEBRATION & 1ST OPEN STUDIO DAY ✺ JUNE 15 ✺ 4 – 10 PM ✺ IN VOGTGASSE 28, 1140 VIENNA ✺ klick here for more info ✺

It all started with a small residence program in 2008, which das weisse haus put together at the first location in Westbahnstraße. Ever since that establishing an own residence- and studio project has become a big wish and it took about five years to turn an idea into a project. Offering a space where international and local artists and curators can work and live together became the main purpose of the new program “studios das weisse haus”. Now, after weeks and months of preparation studios das weisse haus gained its final shape in spring of 2013 when 4 international artists were invited to participate in our artist in residence program and 8 local artists were invited to work in studios provided by our program. Coming all the way from China, Ethiopia, Italy and the USA we warmly welcome the first residents Helen Zeru Araya, Yida He, Federico Maddalozzo and Hope Tucker as well as our local artists Merve Akyel, Johanna Binder, Casanova Sorolla, Ana de Almeida, Ebru Kurbak, Thea Möller, Jakub Vrba und Reinhold Zisser. We´d like to celebrate with you the arrival of these artists and the long-awaited start of studios das weisse haus and invite to the

Adress: current location of the residence- and studio house in Vogtgasse 28, 1140 Vienna.
Date: June 15, 2013.
Time: 16.00 – 22.00.

~ Helen Zeru Araya
~ Yida He
~ Federico Maddalozzo
~ Hope Tucker
~ Merve Akyel
~ Johanna Binder
~ Ana de Almeida
~ Ebru Kurbak
~ Thea Möller
~ Casanova Sorolla

~ Talk and installation on current events and protests in Turkey by Merve Akyel.
~ Artist talk by Yida He.
~ Signapura Concept – Live Dance Performance. A Collaboration with dancers of the Vienna State Ballet presented by Casanova Sorolla.

SNACKS & DRINKS: different kinds of dishes from all over the world ~ salads, wine, beer, selfmade mint-icetea and soda.

MUSICA: Bernhard Staudinger alias DJ Spunk ~ experimen***tell*po*pw***orld*hous***emix.

For updates on program see also: http://tinyurl.com/15thjune (Facebook-Event).

Very much looking forward to see you there!