We`re happy to welcome our new Artist in Residence VERENA SCHÖTTMER and our guest artist MAYUMI NAKAZAKI in Vienna!!

We`re pleased that we can recieve in Vienna the first “guest of studios das weisse haus” Mayumi Nakazaki! Mayumi is Japanese visual artist currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The main means of her artistic expression is video and film.
Have a look at the website of Mayumi Nakazaki HERE.

At studios dwh, Mayumi is joining Verena Schöttmer, our new Artist in Residence coming from Hamburg, Germany, who recently arrived to Vienna. Verena is mostly working in the field of installation, predominantly using different fabrics and textile materials in her work.
Have a look at the website of Verena Schöttmer HERE.

Both artists are going to stay at our studios and shared apartment until mid-March 2014 and we`re very much looking forward to their presentations!

title image: Verena Schöttmer: Sunset Strip, 2012, ceramics, velvet, diverse fabrics, 6,00 x 5,00 m, Ø 0,80 x 1,60 m