MANY THANKS to all the artists who enabled the STUDIO VISITS for our CIRs!!!

As part of the program for our short-term Curators in Residence Branka Bencic, Bénédicte Le Pimpec and Valeria Mancinelli, we offered many visits of studios of Viennese artists. We would like to kindly thank them all for making it possible!

During the winter weeks from February 10 until March 3, 2014, we have visited the studios of:

– Albért Bernhard
– Nika Kupyrova and Gerald Zahn
– Kamen Stoyanov
– Lionel Favre
– Corinne Rusch
– Markus Taxacher (and Kollektiv/Rauschen)
– Aldo Giannotti
– Moussa Kone
– Eva Chytilek
– Bartosz Sikorski
– Irena Eden & Stijn Le
– Wendelin Pressl
– Ralo Mayer
– Florian Schmeiser, David Pinter & Lucie Geffray, Moni K. Huber, Letizia Werth, Paul Wagner, Sabine Schwaighofer at the studios in Wattgasse
– Sonja Bendel, Ines Hochgerner, Katharina Karner, Andrea Maria Krenn, Bernard Ammerer, Titania Seidl at the studios in Ganglbauergasse

Thank you all very much for your participation!!! It was a pleasure to meet you.

lionel studio visit