Cécile Ibarra

Cécile Ibarra is Artist in Residence of the Fall 2013 residency period of  studios das weisse haus.

Artist`s statement

“I mainly work with installations and videos and the context of creation is quite decisive, there is often a connection with the place by exploring the living areas, the potentiality of everyday found material. The relation to the material is important, the pieces which are not anticipate are the result of a mental path managed by the material’s exploration and modification. As found “physical” objects or through a sound recording or a video shooting into the area, I transform shape or function in order to develop the idea of the abstraction through the benefit of fiction. I like to take distance with the narration by creating another one because there are always new stories feeding an abstract work, it’s not possible to avoid sense, stories. There is this idea to control the distance between reality and fiction. I’m interested in the limit that confuses and irritates the audience, risking to be continuously at the brink of failed communication. The relation between the story and History is also important, I often refer to the past through the use of stories, experiences by the reconstitution or the re-assembling. As a conquest of a time-space, I gathered different signs for a new meaning and create relationships between shapes and materials, texture and volume, scale and color.”


Born in 1984, Tarbes (France). Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


2008 Master in visual arts «pratiques et poétiques» , université de Rennes – France
2006 Institute of fine arts Marie-Curie Skłodowskiej, Lublin – Poland
2005 Bachelor in history of art and archaeology, université de Rennes 2 – France

Selected Exhibitions

2013 Städtische Galerie Bremen, Germany  /   Who Makes Europe, artist residency and exhibition,  curator: Susanne Hinrichs, art centre Matadero, Madrid – Spain

2012 Inconclusive Analysis, III Moscow biennale for young art, curator: Elena Selina, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow – Russia  /  Wunderkammer, (solo show) Brussels – Belgium / Canvas Collectie, curator: Stef Van Bellingen, Palais Bozar, Brussels – Belgium

2011 Traverse vidéo, 14th Edition Art Proxime, screening festival, Toulouse – France /  Creating through Collaboration, Body, Camera, Action, lecture and workshop with Grzegorz Kowalski, Centre for contemporary art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw – Poland / Kunstenaarsparcours, Brussels – Belgium

2010 Destroy her, during Happenings, artist residency and exhibition Bains connective, Brussels – Belgium / Big Trouble, Little Bedroom, 10 contemporary commandments, organised by UKC art society, art school of Kent, Canterbury – UK / Adur festival exhibition, with David Minton and Louise Hinman, Ropetackle arts centre, Brighton – UK / Part-time/Playtime, curator : Sunshine Wong, 91mQ art space, Berlin – Germany


pic1_autoportraitn°1_all view

title image: autoportrait n° 1, 2012,
installation, color photography + video of the recording sound of a performance on Dvd in loop
(with sound and subtitles) 6’39’’ + framed business cards fr/ eng, dimensions variable

pic2_wunderkammer_view on wall

Cécile Ibarra: “Wunderkammer”, 2012,
installation, wood MDF + cardboards + clay, porcelain + drawings, dimension variables


Cécile Ibarra: “Wunderkammer”, 2012,
installation, detail porcelain and cardboards

pic4_the residents_all view

Cécile Ibarra: “the residents”, 2013,
installation mixed media + video (3’56” with sound in loop) dimension variables

pic5_the residents_detail video projection

Cécile Ibarra: “the residents”, 2013,
installation, detail video projection on ebony wood