Federico Maddalozzo

I’m continuing the research of my ongoing project `Refreshing Chromophobia´. Production will develop according to the space-time circumstances of the residency.”

Federico Maddalozzos research analyses coding systems, through their rules and standards. He is interested in the failure of systems to correspond with lived experience. It is in the marginal and uncontrolled elements from production processes, its traces and discards, the error, the way in which all these elements visually affect our approach to reality that he finds material.
His works often reproduce this tension and at the same time take into consideration the way in which systems of control and organization are put into question by the errors that are inevitably produced within them. Spaces of interest are the urban surfaces, the structures that organize public space, and production processes. By observing these contexts, he derives a language made of minimal signs and forms based on a process of reproducing physical structures and traces of color. He considers the way in which these elements influence our perception – arising as grids that direct or obstruct our gaze – and their aesthetic impact. Color, discards and error become central elements in the visual grammar he uses for the representation of today’s landscape. His interest in chromatic variables and codifications, rather than deriving from an analytical approach or scientific premises, originates from a more poetic and emotional approach to the gaze.

Federico Maddalozzo is artist in residence of spring 2013 at studios das weisse haus.

Selected Solo Exhibition
2011: ‘The ocean is not wireless’, a collaboration with Edgar Leciejewski, Lumen Galéria, Budapest
2010: ‘If you considered time as much as space’, MARS – Milan Artist Run Space, Milan
2009: ‘Untitled’, curated by Gigiotto Del Vecchio, Galleria Artericambi, Verona

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013: ‘Story Arc’, Minibar, Stockholm; ‘Good Luck and Safe Journey’, T293, Naples; ‘Painting Objects’, Galerie Thomas Fischer, Berlin.
2012: ‘On cloud seven’, Cars, Omegna; ‘x o’, curated by Silvia Ploner and Anna Schäffler, Grimmuseum, Berlin
2011: ‘Officina Italia 2: Nuova creatività italiana’, curated by Renato Barilli, Sala Museale del Baraccano, Bologna
2010: ‘OFF-CELLS: Pratiche della non visione’, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genoa; ‘Masterpieces from Earth – and you could have a Buddy like mine’, curated by Anne Naundorf, Projektraum Brunnen3, Berlin; ‘Open Studios’, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York
2009: ‘New Italian Epic’, Brown Project Space, Milan

Web: http://www.federicomaddalozzo.com

FM_DWH_01Federico Maddalozzo: “Refreshing chromophobia _structure #01”, 2012
powder coated steel, spray paint, 112 x 95 x 12 cm
photo: Tiziano Martini

FM_DWH_02(same as title picture)
Federico Maddalozzo: “Refreshing chromophobia _structure #02”, 2012
powder coated steel, spray paint, 229 x 144 x 2 cm
Photo: Tiziano Martini