Mirko Lazović

Mirko Lazović is Artist in Residence of the Fall 2013 residency period of studios das weisse haus.

Artist`s statement

“Not any piece of my equipment entitles for warranty, since every device I ever had, is unscrewed, torn apart and rebuilt before I would even use it. At first, I thought I was doing this from curiosity to discover how things work. Just recently I realized that was the initiation, ritual in which I am leaving my fingerprints deeply inside any object, before declaring my ownership.”


Mirko Lazović, visual artist born in 1979 in Belgrade, studied visual arts at University in Belgrade and Royal Academy in The Hague, and ArtScience Master at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.  Exhibits since 2001. Creates interactive instalations, generative video, and site specific installations.

web: www.mirkolazovic.com/


image 02

title image: “Painting Apparatus”, (single screen version), 2011, Interactive video installation, OSA Festival, National Gallery, Sopot Poland

image 01

Mirko Lazović: “Clepsichor II”, 2013,
Active installation with water, Dakota Theatre, The Hague , Netherlands

image 03

Mirko Lazović: “Liquid Light”, 2008,
interactive installation with light and water,  Stichting centrum, The Hague, Netherlands

image 04

Mirko Lazović: “Clepsichor”, 2013,
active installation with water and incandescent lightbulbs, Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, VIenna