Please find below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the application process.

Are there any age restrictions to apply for a residency at studio das weisse haus?

Although we declare, that we offer residencies for young artists, there is no specific age restriction for applying. We aim to support artists at the beginning of their professional, who haven`t spent much time in Vienna yet and are not familiar with the local art scene, however, we consider all aspects of the application together and approach the candidates individually. Therefore we rather avoid to specify a definite age restriction.

Are artistic duos or collective eligible for the residency?

Yes, you can apply as a collective as well. However, please note, that in this case you have to share the monthly allowance of eur 300,-, the production costs of eur 100,- and the cover of the travel costs with your colleague(s). Furthermore, we unfortunately can`t provide you with more living space and therefore you would need to share one room in the residence apartment.

When is the next deadline for applications for the Artist in Residence program?

The current deadline for applications is March 13, 2014. This is the latest date that can be found on the postmark. The meeting of the jury takes place on March 20, 2014, so the application should arrive until March 19, 2014.

Will be there a second residency period in Fall?

Yes, there will be a second residency period in Fall / Winter 2014 and the Open Call will follow in June 2014. However, specific dates are not established yet. In case you would like to be informed about our Open Calls by means of our newsletter, please subscribe for it in the section Contact.

Are the dates of the residency flexible?

No, the dates of the residency are fixed and neither the application deadline, nor the dates of the residency itself can be moved. Please note, that we unfortunately can`t accept applications beyond the regular application process and the application needs to be submitted in the period of an Open Call desgined for the specific residency period.

What is the difference between “portfolio of realized projects” and “samples of work”?

Both portfolio of realized projects and samples of your work refer of course to your artistic practice. Thanks to a portfolio we will get a complete overview about the evolution of your work and current projects and within the submitted samples of work, you can point out some of the artworks, that you would like to present as a whole – for example a video file, sound file, book and suchlike. It`s up to you to choose, what is relevant for the purpose of applying to the specific residency and what would you like to highlight.

Is it possible to submit the application in german language?

Yes, the application can be either in english or in german.

Can we send digital visual material (videos, films, sound files and so on) on a CD or DVD, instead of an USB stick?

Yes, You can also send us a CD or DVD instead of an USB stick, however, please note that the following documents must be submitted as printouts. Please, use the digital form of submission of materials only when necessary.

– a document comprising following information: full name, date and place of birth, citizenship, address, phone number, e-mail
– a professional CV
– a portfolio of realized projects
– a letter of motivation (max 2500 characters)
– a description of the project you intend to develop during your residency stay (incl. space requirement, goals, timeline) (max 2500 characters)
– books, catalogues, samples of texts and other publications

For further information please visit the sections Dates and Costs or Apply for a Residency.