Vogtgasse 28, 1140 Vienna

studios das weisse haus started its program in spring 2013 at its first location in Vogtgasse 28, in the 14th district of Vienna. The former fabric house in Vogtgasse provided beautiful studio spaces on 3 floors, each studio having a space of 100m2. The building with the studios was connected to an apartment wing, which provided a kitchen and the private apartments for our international residents. On approximately 500m2 our first four Artists in Residence, eight local artists and two Summer Curators in Residence lived and worked together from April until September 2013.
The location was provided by the LIV GmbH.

Title picture: building in Vogtgasse 28, 1140 Vienna (© studiosdwh).

zimmer apartment room (© studiosdwh) 

  Film3509_32a kitchen (© studiosdwh)

yard (© eSeL.at)

  studio space (© studiosdwh)  

     DSC_9370   studio space Ana de Almeida, Jakub Vrba, Luis Casanova
(© studiodwh)

 studio2.stockstudio space Helen Zeru, Ebru Kurbak,
Johoanna Binder (© eSeL.at)

brunch1   Get-together Brunch (© studiosdwh)

Open Studio Day (© eSeL.at)

Open Studio Day (© eSeL.at)

  Open studio dayOpen Studio Day (© studiosdwh)