Ana de Almeida

Ana de Almeida is one of our local artist who had a studio space at studios das weisse haus in spring and summer 2013, in Vogtgasse 28, 1140 Vienna.

Ana de Almeida: a few words about my work

 “I haven’t had a studio space to work for a long time.
I am currently developing an artistic research project that I am so far calling “The Idea in Ideology. The project focuses in the personal photo archive of José Alberto Vidal de Almeida, my father, a Portuguese stipendium student in former Czechoslovakia between 1978 and 1987.The analysis of this archive allows a parallel following of the final years of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia and the first years after the Carnation Revolution in Portugal that allowed the end of 48 years of fascist regime and the end of the Colonial War in April 1974. This practical artistic essay consists in the reorganization of the photo archive, through the addition and omission of images, through the pairing up of situations that took place simultaneously in both countries, defining new codes for the connection between pairs of images (pairing up according timing or identity, but also searching for new meanings of coexistence), through building new narratives and new exchanges of significance between images.
I am working with archive images and I need space to spread them, a wall where I can pin them and reorganize them. I will also produce new images, in photography but also by drawing new pictures and schemes. I thought that 25sqm would do just fine for this project and I like the light coming through the studio windows”. 

Recent exhibitions and projects:
2013: Short term artist residency at the Gdanska Miesta Galeria, a collaboration between the City Gallery of Gdansk and <dienstag abend>, a program by Ludwig Kittinger and Fernando Mesquita. Gdansk, Poland; Little Bit of History Deleting – Group show curated by Isin Önol at the GPL Contemporary, Sonnenfelsgasse 6, 1010 Vienna; Uniforma – Solo exhibition for the LuftSteuer Show Window Project, at Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory, Sechshauserstrasse 28, 1150 Vienna; The Intransigent Ticket – The Artist as a Filter – Group exhibition curated by Karin Mayr and Martin Sturm at the CSULA Fine Arts Gallery, Californa State University Los Angeles, USA; Realities & Togetherness – Group exhibition in the 0gms Gallery, 12 Lyuben Karavelov Street, 11, Sofia 1142, BULGARIA.


Ana de Almeida: “12.1989”, 2011, VHS
Eyewithnessing reenactment of Al Wahda‘s shipwreck,
video installation at the Serralves Foundation in Oporto, Portugal
2(same as title picture)
Ana de Almeida: “Image Pair II”
(US Tanker sunk by German U-Boats off Virgiania Coast Line, 1942 black and white photograph, coll.
Shirley Man, Peggy Strawn & George A. Spotwood and CougarAce 2006, photograph by the US Coast Guard)
part of the Al Wahda project 2011,
conceived for the BES Revelação Art Prize at the Serralves Foundation in Oporto, Portugal