Angelika Loderer

Angelika Loderer is one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Artist`s statement

Angelika Loderers work is refering to the basic research of form and space. She uses fragile, everyday materials that are derived from the vocabulary of domesticity and combine them with sort of traditional sculptural techniques. In the process the play between chance and control defines the aesthetics of her work. The experimenting with attidudes – via a very specific amalgam of materials, shapes and objects- brings forth a new, metaphysical result.

“In transience, fragility and decline, I see the formal expressions to which I refer in my designs, and which to some extent provide the framework conditions for my processoriented work. From the abundance on offer, however fragile and vulnerable in composition, the elements fall into place, becoming worthless once again when dismantled.”


Born in 1984 in Feldbach/Austria. Works in Vienna and Feldbach, Austria.

2006 – 2011 Diploma, Sculpture and Multimedia by Prof. Erwin Wurm, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT
2009 University of Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts, London, AT
2005 – 2006 Hendrix College, Arkansas, USA

Solo Exhibitions

“Loch Leere Nichts verdammt!”, Akademie Graz, Graz, AT, 2013
“Sankt Feldbach”, Schloss Limberg, Erwin Wurm, Maissau, AT, 2012
“Chronicle of the Ephemeral”, ParaSite Gallery, Graz, AT, 2011
“Pinker Schnee” Diploma Show, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, AT, 2011

Group Exhibitions

„Förderungspreis des Landes Steiermark 2013“, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz, AT, 2013
“London Vienna Calling”, Mile End Art Pavilion, London, UK, 2013
“Öffnung”, curated by Michaela Leutzendorff-Pakesch, Schauplatz Kornberg, Kornberg, AT, 2013
“The Abortion of Tragedy”, Showroom 170, New York, USA, 2013
“Billo Bäm”, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund, DE, 2013
“De Joode & Kamutzki 2013 Winter Auction”, Stadium Gallery (New York) & Berlin, DE, 2013
“Junge Römer”, Lust Gallery, Vienna, AT, 2012
“Megacool 4.0”, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT, 2012
“Sleepwalking”, Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin, DE 2012
“Willi Venus oder Über Formen”, Schwarzwaldallee, Basel, CH, 2012
“Kick Off February 2012 #2”, Kunstbüro, Amer Abbas, Vienna, AT, 2012
“Travelling Artist”, Labor: Budapest, das weisse haus: Wien, Artachment: Basel, 2011
“Don´t have Sex with your Ex”, Galerie Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AT, 2010
“X Negations”, Vienna Art Week 2010, Glockengasse No9, Vienna, AT, 2010
“Photomeetings Luxenbourg 2010”, Kunschthaus Engel, Galerie, Luxembourg, LUX, 2010
“Das goldene Dorf”, Emscher Kunst, Ruhr Kulturhauptstadt 2010, Recklinghausen, DE, 2010
“DeGeneration”, Jennyfair, Pratersauna Kaltbecken, Vienna, AT, 2010
“Der alte Mann und das Meer”, Erwin Wurm und Klasse, Stadtmuseum, St. Pölten, AT, 2010
“Cannizaro Park 09” University of Arts London, Wimbledon, London, UK, 2009
“Bilder der Wissenschaft” FWF Wissenschaftsfond, Science Awards, Vienna, AT, 2009

Scholarships / Residencies

2013  STARTstipendium 2013, BMUKK Wien, AT
2012  Auslandsateliersstipendium BMUKK Wien, Beijing, China
2012  Ateliersstipendium, Rondo/Kultur Steiermark, Graz, AT
2010  Fred Adlmüller Stipendium



floating stones-klein

title image: Angelika Loderer: “UNTITLED (DIA)”, 2013,
PU Foam, Stones, Dia Island


Angelika Loderer: “PINKER SCHNEE”, 2011,
Sand (pressed), Water, Wood, Glas, 130 x 60 x 30 cm, Detail View, Diploma Show, Vienna, 2011

Untitled (Schuhe)-klein

Angelika Loderer: “UNTITLED (SCHUHE)”, 2012,
Bronze polished, 26 x 15 x 20 cm, Detail View, Schloss Limberg

Untitled (Sockel)-klein

Angelika Loderer: “UNTITLED (SOCKEL)”, 2013,
Sand pressed, wipe Exhibtion View Parallel Vienna 2013, Size variable

Untitled Glas

Angelika Loderer: UNTITLED, 2012,
Car Front Shield, Spray Paint, Exhibition View, Schloss Limberg