Christian Weidner

Christian Weidner is one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Artist`s statement

The visual and physical presence of a painting matters.
My intention is to establish a relationship of ‘now’. I want to activate the space between the painting and the viewer and to have an immediate impact on the cognitive, emotional and sensual resources in the viewers’ body. –
Rooted in a visual detail of short-term political, trivial and personal themes, my paintings usually have a figurative starting point. Through the process of painting, the representational aspect transforms into something unexpected. It is of no significance whether the result is a figurative, abstract or non-figurative one. Every painting is made individually, with its own logic and circumstances.

When I assemble works for a show, I aim to formulate contradictions and complements by juxtaposing paintings containing different subjects. I am intrigued by the way the roles of images become qualified through this process. Negotiations change, a new dialogue between the work emerges, and a new series of systems is made manifest. The singularity of a painting dissolves into the larger whole. –
The moment of movement is the crucial result. The viewers’ projection onto the subject and the narrative transforms my original information and interpretations. By constantly making new adjustments, the viewer has the opportunity to physically and visually navigate a flexible environment. Conclusions are drawn. The act is performative.


2013  MA Fine Art (with honors)
2009/13  Fine Art, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Judith Eisler
2011/12  Fine Art, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Astrid Klein
2008/09  Fine Art, University of Art and Design Linz, Ursula Hübner

Residencies / Awards / Activities 

2014  Artist in Residence, CCA / Center for Contemporary Art Andratx, Mallorca (E)
2013  Founder of pwow magazine
2013  Franc-Vila-Prize
2013  Curator for In Defense of the Poor Image, Hufak Offspace Vienna (A)
2012  Scholarship, Anni und Heinrich Sussmann Foundation Vienna (A)

2006/08  Assistant Director

Group and solo shows in Austria and abroad.




title image: Christian Weidner: “Kompensation”, 2013,
Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm


Christian Weidner: “Knarre”, 2013,
Acrylic / Paper on canvas, 28 x 28 cm


Christian Weidner: “Factor (Noggo)”,2013,
Oil on canvas, 80 x 55 cm

E fell

Christian Weidner: “E fell”, 2013,
Oil / Paper on canvas, 28 x 20 cm


Christian Weidner: “turned (cole)”, 2013,
Oil on canvas, 115 x 90 cm