Dejan Dukic

Dejan Dukic in one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Artist`s statement

“The contextual background of painting, in fact the very limitation of the canvas itself, is central to my artistic practice. Rejecting the idea of an per-existing subject, a visual vocabulary emerges from the technical structure of the image carrier itself.
This nation of image production demands observation. Engaging with contemporary approaches to image-making, each cycle of work connects to the anticipation of formal elements of painting.  Gradually translated into visual material, the conceptual substance itself, is processed into sculptural compositions.”


Born in 1975 in Vienna, Austria, grown up in Yougoslavia and Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

2005  Academy of the fine arts Vienna class Professor Franz Graf, extended pictorial space
2006  Class professor Daniel Richter extended pictorial space
2012  Diploma with Professor Daniel Richter


2014  „London Vienna Calling“ Semperdepot Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
2013  „Parallel Vienna“ Altes Telegrafen Amt, Börseplatz 1 1010 Wien
2013  „London Vienna Calling“ Mile End Art Pavillion Lond
2013  „Open Studio“ Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
2012  „Storage Paintings“  Diplom Ausstellung, Sempadepot, Wien
2012  „Die chic Boutique“ Kunst mit Funktion, dieAustellungsstrasse,  Wien
2011  „A Story in 10 Rooms“ Hotel am Brilliantengrund, Wien
2011  „Before the movies, Paintings were like the movies“ Mo.e, Wien
2010  „Schimmliges Brot“ Group Show Klasse Daniel Richter, Galerie Schlechtriembrothers, Berlin
2010  „Die Imaginäre-Franz-Graf-Klasse“ Expedit Kiosk, Wien
2010  „DeGeneration“ Jennyfair, dieAusstellungsstrasse, Wien
2009  „Malerei Heute“ Österreichischer Genossenschaftsverband, Wien
2009  „Guns of Diablo“  Frankfurt am Mein
2009  „Oberflache und  Unterfläche“ Ve.sch curated by Marko Lulic, Wien
2008  „Everybody go’s a different way to see the same Thing“ Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
2008  „On The Right Ve.sch“ Klasse Daniel Richter curated by Tal R, Wien
2006  „Gain“ Cabaret Renz, Wien
2006  „Art Installation” Bona Company, Turning Torso, Malmö
2005  „Drawings” Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
2005  „Flowers in my Garden” Galerie Karenina, Wien


Dejan Dukic Smog Painting (Beijing) Vacuum Cleaning Air For 4.Hours 2013 80cm x 60cm-klein

title image: Dejan Dukic: “Smog Painting (Beijing)”, 2013,
Vacuum Cleaning Air For 4.Hours, 80cm x 60cm

Dejan Dukic Massage Painting  Special Massage Technique on Cosy Blanket 2013 200cm x 160cm-klein

Dejan Dukic: “Massage Painting”, 2013,
Special Massage Technique on Cosy Blanket, 200 cm x 160cm

Dejan Dukic Massage Painting On Cosy Blanket in Process-klein

Dejan Dukic: “Massage Painting” On Cosy Blanket in Process

Dejan Dukic Storage Painting Nr.21 200cm x 169cm Wood, Canvas, Acryl, Fluid Pigment and Oil 2012-klein

Dejan Dukic: “Storage Painting Nr.21”, 2012
200cm x 169cm Wood, Canvas, Acryl, Fluid Pigment and Oil

Dejan Dukic Untiteld Finger onCosey Blanket 2013 183cm x 165cm-klein

Dejan Dukic: “Untiteld”, 2013
Finger on Cosey Blanket, 183cm x 165cm