Iris Dittler, Sissi Makovec & Angela Strohberger

Iris Dittler, Sissi Makovec & Angela Strohberger are our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Artist`s statement

“We work as an open collaborative formation. Together we sift our gatherings of artistic work, the socalled finished and unfinished ones to create a piece. Currently you will find us working on various installative contexts for our drawings.
Often, there is a gap between the permanent artistic work and the work on concrete exhibition projects, a gap that manifests itself in the way one works on one or the other. The artistic work seems to change when confronted to a concrete display setting. In our projects we develop strategies, to transfer our artistic positions and forms of productions into the display setting directly. 
Working this way, a display setting is formed while working on the artwork itself. The frame, consisting of involved contents and persons remains fixed. The focus of this approach is to build up different positions and let synergies emerge, while working collaborativly on the concrete display.”


Iris Dittler investigates the body in its materiality and experienceability at the intersection of visual art and dance. The centre is her own body space, which becomes visible zonally or demonstrates itself in alternating configurations of tension and tactile-kinaesthetic sensations.
This inner architecture goes through a process of repeatedly rearranging itself and serves as the basis for the construction of objects, installations and gestural-sculptural sequences.
They are projections of the physically experienced that make a body-specific logic situatively understandable.

Sissi Makovec investigates the structures of (artistic) production, the chain of actions, that may or may not lead to an art work. What qualities do these actions have, to what extend can they be changed or modified? The base is drawing. A base to start from and to return to, while in the meantime exploring different modes of artistic and also non-artistic production.

Angela Strohberger likes to meet and find out, what to do. She focuses on scenes and environments she can use for interventions. Sometimes with a twinkle in the eye, if she for instance wheels a furry creature through town or initiates a drawing battle on the wall of the exhibition space. Sometimes as a fainting, persisting disturbance, when she for example turnes into a self-appointed nude model, drawing the drawers. Currently she sifts together with Iris Dittler and Sissi Macovec gatherings of their artistic work to make them visible to the public. So stay tuned.


Temporäre Anordnung (36 von 38)-klein


Temporäre Anordnung_detail_B (37 von 38)-klein

Temporäre Anordnung_detail (37 von 38)-klein

tensions intérieures_4-klein

Iris Dittler, Sissi Makovec, Angela Strohberger: Temporäre Anordnung, Version 1, 2013, Vienna