Jakub Vrba

Jakub Vrba is one of our local artist who had a studio space at studios das weisse haus in spring and summer 2013, in Vogtgasse 28, 1140 Vienna.

Drawing comics has been part of my praxis since the begining of my training as an artist, being that throughout the last years my comics works have always shifted between a completely independent body of work and the one of a close interconnection with the conception of my films.
My plan for the next months at the studios is to do develop my latest comics and drawing project about labour and power relations as well as to research and find artists, whose drawings and comics comment on current social, political and last but not least cultural issues.

Latest exhibitions or similar:
2013: Introduce#4 Jakub Vrba / Vladimír Turner – artist talk, Schneiderei, Vienna; Solo Exhibition, Lahti Kiosk of Contemporary Art, Finland; 2013 The Intransigent Ticket – group exhibition, CSULA Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles.