James P Kinsella

James P Kinsella is one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Artist`s statement

“Audience participation, creating discursive and other spaces, experimentation and an intention to change things, are the essence of my practice. I investigate anthropological and social issues including sustainability in the urban/city context and post colonial perceptions through a socially engaged practice. I construct alternative spaces that are discursive, atmospheric and inclusive, inviting the audience to the creative act, through discussion, participation and dialogue.”


Born  in 1955 in Waterford, Ireland. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Academic Qualifications

2009  MA in Visual Arts Practices. Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.
2008  B.A. (Hons) Visual Arts Practice, First Class Honours,   I.A.D.T. Dun Laoghaire. Thesis: Traditional Painting Will Never Die.
2004  Certificate in Visual Education,    I.A.D.T. Dun Laoghaire.
1994  M.A. qual. Anthropology, studied. University of Ireland, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland.
1979  B.A. Psychology, Geography & Economics. University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Solo Exhibitions

2010-2011  ‘The Way That We Live’, Bookcubegallery (Ongoing project), Dublin.
2007  ‘Creative order’, Mill Theatre Gallery, (Jan – Feb), Dublin.
2006  ‘Big Bang’, Book Cube Gallery, (Jul – Sep), Dublin.

Visiting Lecturer and Project

2012  (Dec) Architecture and Social Art, Contemporary Architecture 11 – Architecture Transdisciplinary. Project – The Socialmaterialbank.org,.  Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte, TU Wien.

Group Exhibitions

2013  SchöpfWerkFest, The Socialmaterialbank Project,. Am Schöpfwerk, Wien.
2012  Pflanzentauschmarkt, The Socialmaterialbank Project,, Stadtteilzentrum Bassena, Am Schöpfwerk 29/14, Wien.
2011  The green-Door Leitrim Weekend, at The Dock Art Centre, Carrick-On-Shannon and The Leitrim Sculpture
Centre, (9th – 11th September.)
2010  “IS…IT? An off-site project, The Model, at The Trades Club, Sligo.
2009  11th International Istanbul Biennial – parallel event, 1st International Artist     Initiatives Istanbul Meeting, (2nd to 6th Oct). Title of Intervention; ‘Café Idea’.
2009: Public Gesture, The Lab, Dublin. (June 9thto19th June), www.mavis.ie/publicgesture
2008: Sculpture in Context 2008, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Invited Guest, (4th Sept to 17th Oct). www.sculptureincontext.com/2008.htm

Catalogue/ Publication/General

Shortlisted: Art of Giving, National Art Competition (UK), Sculpture, 2010.
Graduate Review, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, p16, 18-6-2008.
Graduate Exhibition publication, 2004, The School of Creative Arts.
Founder; of Bookcubegallery 2006-2011, www.bookcubegallery.com
Rathmines Bookshop, setup and ran (Second-hand books) from 1988-2011.
Publication: Architecture and Social Art, Article/Lecture to be published 2013 in Architektur


2011  The Green-Door Leitrim weekend: Grant award.
2009  11th International Istanbul Biennial: Bursary/Grant award.  

web: www.jamespkinsella.org
contact: Tel: +436605336468 / E-mail: jamespkinsella@gmail.com, Address: Herschelgasse 8, 1100 Wien, Austria.



James Kinsella

title image: James P Kinsella: “Socialmaterialbank”, 2010,
Books, Cement, Paper, Wood, 800 x 533 cm

JPKinsella.Sligo Farm house,2011. Books,glue, Picture frame, Five acrylic canvases and cement blocks. (600x630)

James P Kinsella: “Sligo Farm House”, 2011,
Booksglue, picture frame, five acrylic canvases, cement blocks, 600 x 630 cm

JPKinsellaCafe Idea,2009.Cloth, table, assorted cafe things, acrylicpaintings.-klein ,

James P Kinsella: “Cafe Idea”, 2009,
Cloth, table, assorted cafe things, acrylicpaintings

JPKInsella.Elements Of Exploitation,2009. 4mx4m, 19th century oblects.-klein

James P KInsella: “Elements Of Exploitation”, 2009,
4m x 4m, 19th century oblects

JPKinsella..'Take me Up To Monto'2009.2mx2m. Acrylic on canvas. (800x600)-klein

James P Kinsella: ‘Take me Up To Monto”, 2009,
2m x 2m, Acrylic on canvas, 800 x 600 cm

JPKinsellaUtopian Dream Machien. 2009, Wood, Paper, Acrylic. (765x800) (765x800)-klein

James P Kinsella: “Utopian Dream Machien”, 2009,
Wood, Paper, Acrylic., 765 x 800 cm