Johanna Binder

Johanna Binder is one of our local artist who had a studio space at studios das weisse haus in spring and summer 2013, in Vogtgasse 28, 1140 Vienna.

For the last two years Johanna Binder has been working exclusively with the formal properties of the medium of painting. This interest was triggered by the question of the frames of the canvas that separate the work from the space around it and how this fracture disturbed her. How can she deconstruct this limitation, dissolve the barrier between wall and picture? Johanna Binder does not want to show or tell anything more than what painting itself has to say. In her work, she tries to give attention to painting and its material foundations, and reflect it as content itself.
Influenced by Clement Greenberg’s art criticism, she wanted to let all external references fall and confine herself to addressing the specific properties of the medium. So she started a deconstruction of the medium into its individual components and conditions in order to analyze it: canvas, color, light, space, structure, back and front and color systems.
At the moment, she is focusing on the surface of a painting and the process of how an image gets composed upon it, alongside to treating the image-carrier as an independent sculpture. She appreciates working in the atelier of studios das weisse haus because she can concentrate on her work in the required peaceful environment and besides, she gets to examine the work of other artists which gives her an extra insight.

2013: Animate it!, KRO ART contemporary, Vienna; A7, Hafentor 7, Hamburg/Germany; JCE Biennale, Museu Amadeo De Souza Cardoso, Amarante/Portugal.
2012: JCE Biennale, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg; JCE Biennale, Bratislava City Gallery/Slovakia; JCE Biennale, Kunsthaus Hamburg/Germany; JCE Biennale, Klaipeda Exhibition Hall/Litauen; Situaktion, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna; Werkschau, AUSARTEN[], Vienna; Räumung, Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna; AN:Ordnungen, Liquid Loft Studios, Vienna.
2011: JCE Biennale, La Fabrique, Paris/Frankreich; METAmART, Künstlerhaus, Vienna; Young Art lounge, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Salzburg.
2010: To approach,University of applied arts, Vienna; Die Wilden und das Tier, Galerie Studio 18, Vienna. Fear, Galerie Hrobsky, Vienna; Is there a transformation? Praterstrasse 15, Vienna.
2009: The Power of Love, Kongresshaus Stockholm/Sweden; Von wo hin, Stiegenhaus, Langenlois.

IMG_0027Johanna Binder: “Leinwand I”
30x30x2,5cm, Acrystal/2012
SONY DSC(same as title picture)
Johanna Binder: “O.T.”, 2012
21x30cm, Acryl auf Leinwand

Johanna Binder
173×240 Striche/ 21×29,7mm
Filzstift auf Papier