Juliana Herrero

Juliana Herrero is one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Artist`s statement

My work focuses on private-public space and inside-outside dialectic relations. I am interested in the subtle limits of “inner” and “outer” worlds, questioning the meaning of reality.
I state my work in continuous edition. It comes from a spatial sensibility and unfolds in a trans-disciplinary field, being informed within processes of changes, mostly connected to life, nature and its perception.
It loans and appropriates different materials and transforms them. Making usage of analog and digital techniques, my work crystalizes mostly in installations, sculptures and media works as fictional realities.
Within my work, I investigate territories of complexities, intensifying, and intervening, swelling between illusion and reality. This area in between the both is no one or the other but its simultaneity. Its separation is to me like a permeable membrane and I explore a tension on that limit. “Here” a multiplicity of boundaries emerges, opening new readings and leaving an empty space for the imagination.


Born in 1975 in Argentina. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Studied at INSA (Instituto Superior de Artes) General Roca R.N. and graduated from architecture at UBA, University of Buenos Aires. In 2004 she completed her postgraduate studies in Conceptual Design, class of Prof. Ben van Berkel, at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, joining later the Film class leaded by Prof. Mark Leckey. Parallel to her artistic practice she is involved in education. Between 2010-2014 she was an academic assistant at the Art & Science department, University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She is currently active in the teaching activities at the space&designstrategies department of the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz.

At studios das weisse haus, Juliana is developing simultaneous works in progress. Great part of it is an art-based-research project focused on network versatile ethereal structures. The work pursues aesthetic and poetical aspects as well as refreshed approaches based on processes of change. The single ethereal installations created in the studios are emerging within this context as fictional realities.



[Upcoming] La mia camera @Kunstzelle Wuk Vienna I Plateaus @Kaleidoskop, Maison de l’ Argentine, Paris


Plateaus, installation @studios das weisse haus Exhibition 14.12.2013

Crystallons, installation @studios das weisse haus Open doors Day 22.11.2013 in context of the Vienna Art Week

Invisible cities, video installation @studios das weisse haus Open doors Day 19.10.2013

Crystallons, installation @KALEIDOSKOP 2013, LAI, Europa Saal, Vienna

Extimum, sculpture @KALEIDOSKOP 2013, LAI, Europa Saal, Vienna

Versatile Ethereals, conceptual framework @ROUNDTABLE Art & Science, 18.4.2013


Urban Backstages, video performance @Emotionale Passagen 2012, WUK, Vienna

Invisible cities, video performance-installation @Emotionale Passagen 2012, WUK, Vienna

La mia camera – the Split, video installation @Emotionale Passagen 2012, WUK, Vienna

La mia camera – ma chambre, mein Zimmer, mi cuarto, my room, installation @KALEIDOSKOP 2012, ATELIER FRANKFURT -Zentrum für kunstlerische Prozesse, Frankfurt am Main


Acoustic Cloud Remix, spatial installation @Vienna Fair 2011

La mia camera @Emotionale Passagen 2011, LAI, Vienna

Wavescape 72 reloaded, Film in slow motion with intervention live @Emotionale Passagen 2011, LAI, Vienna

Mareal, unfold performative envelope piece @Art Surface, Galerie am Schillerplatz, Vienna 2011


Acoustic Cloud, Art & Science space 2010

FallUP Die Entfaltung von Fragmenten der inneren Landschaft der Stadt, installation @GOHO, Nürnberg, 2009

Invisible cities, Film 16mm, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, 2006

Make a wish. Projection performance at Mainufer. Frankfurt am Main @Yoko Ono. Dream Universe 2005

Wavescape 72, Slideshow with crossfading in loop @Rundgang Städelschule 2005, Frankfurt am Main


Timeless garden, Design Thesis @Städelschule

Cruceanado, video and media work @Buenos Aires 2050, Interdisciplinary competition, Recognition Award

Sofio, acoustic space, installation @Rundgang Städelschule


Frankfurter Positionen. @A Portikus exhibition at the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, 2003

Programmed surface, furniture installation @Rundgang Städelschule, 2003

Programmed surface, furniture installation @Festival Junger Talente, Offenbach 2003

Liquid Machine @Material Vision, Messe Frankfurt 2003


Pregnant Buildings @BA in WIEN, Semper Depot Vienna, 2002

Pregnant Buildings @BA in ROTTERDAM, Berlage Gallery, Berlage Institute, 2002

Skylight alias “Respiraderos”, Permanent installation, in situ, Buenos Aires 2002


web: http://www.julianaherrero.org/



Juliana Herrero: PLATEAUS, Installation, studios das weisse haus exhibition, 14.12.2013,
steelcable, led lamp, soundtrack

Plateaus, photo JPianka

title image: Juliana Herrera: PLATEAUS (detail), Installation, studios das weisse haus exhibition, 14.12.2013,
steel cable, led lamp, soundtrack, photo: Johanna Pianka


Juliana Herrero: “CRYSTALLONS”, LAI, Vienna, 2013,
macroscapes, kaleidoskop, steel cable; size variable

The word “crystallon” derives from the Greek, cold drop, frozen drop, with its meaning extending to all solids with some degree of transparency. Before the development of X-ray diffraction, crystallography, the study of crystals, was based on their geometry. The crystallography of X-ray is an experimental technique for the study and analysis of materials based on the phenomena of diffraction of the x- rays by solids in crystalline state. Though to this technic specific atoms positions can be measured.

2_Extimum_150 dpi

Juliana Herrero: “EXTIMUM”, LAI, Vienna, 2013,
sculpture, scripts on bed blankets, rolled watercolour paper; size variable

outermost; farthest; end/utmost edge of …
between insight and outside/

 Extimum is re-enacting the fictional diaries of 2001/2002 composed by the artist, in cor­relation to the Argentinian bankruptcy and a cross section in space-time dislocated. The fictional texts wrap on the constitution of language and identity construction swelling between the official reports of the newspapers and personal notes. The work plays with the form that mutates its character from private to public and vice versa. The diaries found on “Der kaukasische kreidekreis”, by Bertolt Brecht’ s and Paul Dessau’s, worked as a reference. The texted bed blankets shall be folded as public newspapers.


Juliana Herrero: “INVISIBLE CITIES”, Open Doors Studios Das weisse Haus, Hofbauergasse 9, Vienna, 2013,
video installation, from the original 16mm stop motion Film (2006) / Multiple transformations: exported video of the dunes landscape frame by frame, watercolour, collages. sound digital edited

With the lenses on the ground level, and deeper, this work comments on the city, invisible to the eyes, expanding into new constructions. It attempts to alienate the space in time while it explores the blurring borders of “inner – mind” and “earth” cartographies. “Invisible cities” evokes a “macro” spectrum of the streets of the east European cities, as they would embody a new reality with foreign and local contents. It mixes elements of the street, the Drina packages from Belgrade, the sound of the streets from Pristina, and reworked political maps of east Europe, related to different times, as well as geological maps from Patagonia with imaginary landscapes. It merges the cities where no one went with those that are daily transited… The words are gone. The sound relates to body noises.


Juliana Herrero: ACOUSTIC CLOUD REMIX, Vienna Fair, 2011,
spatial installation, 3mm wood and 30mm acoustic foam, tape, ropes, thin columns, mirror foil, speakers, soundtrack


Juliana Herrero: “LA MIA CAMERA – ma chambre, mein Zimmer, mi cuarto, my room”, ATELIER FRANKFURT Frankfurt am Main, 2012,
installation, slide projection, inscripted blankets folded as newspaper and enclosing cabinet, soundtrack