Lisbeth Kovačič

Lisbeth Kovačič is one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Artist`s statement

“I have been working as a freelance photographer and camera woman since 2000 and photography is my most important media of expression. I use it for live-performances, video or installations in which I am focusing on topics of political interrest such as migration or working conditions. At the moment I am working as a director and camera woman on an experimental documentary about physical as well as structural (state) borders.”


Born in 1978. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

2011 graduation at the College for Photography in Vienna, Diploma with distinction in Fine Arts (Post-Conceptual Art Practices and Performative Arts), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Selected live performances and installations

“trouble bass” (Video/Live-Performance with Billy Roisz)
“Angst in Begehren verwandeln” (Video/Live-Performance with Paula Pfoser)
“entsprechend” (Video/Live-Performance with Katka Csanyiova)
“HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN!” (Video, audio and live-performance-Installation, Diploma work at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)
“Im Kopf des Monsters” (Space- and audioinstallation)
“What a feeling (Can I start again?)” (Video- und Live-Performance)

Selected cooperative projects

“darkroom” (Experimental video with Billy Roisz)
“Die größtmögliche Freiheit” (Experimental documentary with Georg Oberlechner)
“wien prekär. Wanderings through Precarity and Organizing” (Audio archiv and performative derives)
“Nur Geduld, mit der Zeit wird aus Gras Milch” (Text/photographic Publication in urbanes lernen, Marion Thuswald (Hg.), Löcker 2010 and Live-Performance with Elisabeth Koger)
“rewind the script to..  minilesson one” (Artistic Research on working and learning as part of the collective minilesson one: Scripted room and audio installation, Radio Show, artistic contribution in malmoe-magazine)
“Bleiberecht für alle!” (Artistic/political exhibition on the topic of Migration and the Right to Stay, Project of the (Post)conceptual Art Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts)


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Passed with distinction
Fohn Grant
DIAGONALE-Preis Innovatives Kino für “Die Kunst der Stunde ist Widerstand” (Co-Curator, Trailer)
Sachpreis, Diagonale für “Die Kunst der Stunde ist Widerstand” (Co-Curator, Trailer)



03 entsprechend-klein

 title image: Lisbeth Kovačič: “entsprechend”, 2012,
Live/Video Performance with Katka Csanyoiva

01 herzlich willkommen-klein

Lisbeth Kovačič: “Herzlich willkommen”, 2011,
Live-Performance in a Video Installation

02 genova1106

Lisbeth Kovačič: “Genova 11/06”, 2011
Experimental Documentary Video, 12 min

04 anla_ma_dim-klein

Lisbeth Kovačič: “anla_ma_dim”, 2009,
Photo/Sound diary

05 nikaragva

Lisbeth Kovačič: “Daleko je Nikaragva”, 2001,
Super8 Film, 6 min