Merve Akyel

Merve Akyel is one of our local artist who had a studio space at studios das weisse haus in spring and summer 2013, in Vogtgasse 28, 1140 Vienna.

“Most of my work is about memory and process. Memory and process which underly the absurdity of our existence stuck in the present. I have an understanding of our existence that refuses any specific or singular interpretation of what can be called reality or “here and now”. To me it is a bundle of non-linear narratives always in circles and always in motion.”

Creating systems of imagery, of thoughts is vital for Merve Akyel´s work. Then comes the visual and the physical aspects of her work. Often, she uses certain imagery to express notions and concepts she has trouble visualizing. She associates trees with order, where as she associates steel wire with heaviness and some sort of introversion. That is the exact same reason why she frequently uses steel wire in her sculptures. It is her attempt at trying to define an outer version of her inner self. At first, she used wire to make frail objects out of them mostly because she liked the irony of using  somewhat of a heavy material to create destructible things. As for the future, she wants to work more with raw materials as much as she can.

For the last couple of months, she has started to further investigate the relation between drawing/printmaking and sculpture. For her, these two always go together and she is trying to find out how she can combine these two mediums that she feels comfortable with. At the studios das weisse haus program she has started working on a series of handmade prints and will be working on an installation for the next few months.

She has been really interested in the weisse haus studio program, as she thinks it is a really important space in the Vienna art scene. As a fairly new local and an international artist she is looking forward to work with local artists and residents of the program. She believes that it is going to be an interesting dialogue for all of participants.

Solo Exhibitions

*upcoming* 2013, One (is an) island, UBIK Project Space, Vienna, Austria.

Group Exhibitions
: Rundgang, 2013, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria.
2012: IKAMETGAH KADIKOY I Istanbul, Turkey; IKAMETGAH KADIKOY II Istanbul, Turkey; OPEN STUDIO w/ artist Lara OGEL / Gallery Marquise, Istanbul, Turkey.
2011: HUMAN CONDITION, Hush Gallery, Istanbul; SELF IMPOSED, 311 Artworks, Istanbul, Turkey; ON BOOKS AND TRANSLATION, 98weeks, Beirut, Lebanon; SELF TITLED, 311 Artworks, Istanbul, Turkey.
2008: TRACK 08, ANNUAL STUDENT EXHIBITION VCD, POV&FTV DEPARTMENTS, Santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.

0.1,On Display, 2010, MDF, household gloss paint, wire, cardboard, acrylic, cloth, ink, charcoal,220x180cmMerve Akyel: “On Display”, 2010
household gloss paint, wire, cardboard, acrylic, cloth, ink, charcoal, 220 x 180cm
photo: Burak Erkil

wood, ink, acrylic, household gloss paint© Merve Akyel
wood, ink, acrylic, household gloss paint

Exile, 2011, Wire, fiber, acrylic and ink on cardboard,180x80 cm eachMerve Aykel: “Exile”, 2011,
wire, fiber, acrylic and ink on cardboard, 180 x 80
photo: Simin Yildiz