Natalia Zaluska

Natalia Zaluska is one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

(…) Natalia Załuska’s works, in which generally a variety of materials are combined with a great sensibility for textures and haptic qualities, frequently refer to natural impressions, yet these are condensed and abstracted into primary structures which appear to be minimalistic in their geometric clarity, without actually being Minimal Art. It is a question of the sensual variation of a limited vocabulary of forms and colours, which opens up directly into the confinement of a new, different perspective on small and minor alterations, on a variety of forms of relief-like bulges, and the limitless possibility of the combination of geometric basic forms (…).

– Thomas Miessgang, Vienna, 2013


Born in 1984 in Cracow, Poland. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

2008-2013 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna by Lisa Ruyter and Daniel Richter

Selected exhibitions in 2013: exTRAct III, GL STRAND, Copenhagen; Artissima, Torino, Italy; Viennafair, Vienna, Austria, vis-á-vis, K12 Galerie, Bregenz, Austria; Diplomausstellung, Atelierhaus, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; The Whisperers, Matadero Madrid; Andratx on Paper, Kunsthalle CCA , Andratx, Spain; Minimal Compact, Christine König Galerie, Vienna




 title image: Natalia Załuska: untitled, 2013,
mixed media on canvas, 160x140cm


 Natalia Załuska: untitled, 2012,
oil, charcoal on canvas, 120x80cm


Natalia Załuska: untitled, 2013,
mixed media on canvas, 50x35cm


Natalia Załuska: untitled, 2013,
oil on canvas, 30x24cm


Natalia Załuska: untitled, 2013,
oil on canvas, 70x50cm