Sissa Micheli

Sissa Micheli is one of our local artists currently using a studio space offered by studios das weisse haus in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna.

Sissa Micheli’s works are essentially multifarious,and communicate in their multiple, epic layers of meaning. The seeable is always referential, acting as a narrative continuation, an additional reading, or pointing to one or more other versions of the story. The works indicate a deep curiosity on the part of the artist, an open astonishment related to the philosophical self-awe of the ancients, in the questioning of being. The known, the everyday, the existent is analysed and turned on its axis in order to examine its meaning and classification—always with seriousness, but especially with the desire to recount, to depict, or to form—with a hint of irony. The strategy is to expose and to veil (or disguise) in equal measures.

Christina Nägele 

Sissa Micheli’s  work deals with the subject of film: props, lighting, sets, director’s instructions, and shots from or for a possible film. But all of this only refers to a possible film: this, betrays the way in which Sissa Micheli departs from the genuine and directs her attention to the marginal, how she places those objects and situations that are normally used for the story, but then set aside, at the center of attention and arranges them in a mise en scène, how she takes the elements that usually are only considered part of the production process and places them center stage. The hierarchy has been turned upside down, the pre-requisites become the work itself. (…) Photography, film, installations: these make up Micheli’s media trinity, they complement and saturate one another, testing the boundaries between them.

Ruth Horak: Eikon#82, p.24-31.


Born in 1975 in Brunico. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

2000 – 2002 School for Artistic Photography, Vienna
2002 – 2007 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2002 -2007 curator of the exhibition series Schaugrund
2002 – 2012 lecturer at the International Summer Academy Venice

Different prizes among which the Academy Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna  in 2008
Scholarships in London, Paris, New York, Salzburg, Albrechsfeld, Venice
Several solo and group shows in Austria and abroad




title image: Sissa Micheli: “Flying Girl”, from the series YESTERDAY’S TOMORROWS, 2013,
c-print, 82 cm x 120 cm


Sissa Micheli: “JAMMED SUITCASE”, from the series YESTERDAY’S TOMORROWS, 2012/13,
c-print, 30cmx43cm


Sissa Micheli: “The actresses’ props”, part I, 2013
HD Video,16:9, black & white, 2 Min.


Sissa Micheli: “The actresses’ props”, part I, 2013,
HD Video,16:9, black & white, 2 Min.


Sissa Micheli: “Scenario Flor A Possible Filming Location”, 2013,
writing made of 1500 glitter stones


Sissa Micheli: “The moving motion picture studio”, 2013,
installation of turning reflector umbrellas


Sissa Micheli: “Possible Filming Location”, 2013,
vintage fine art baryta print, 120 x 140 cm each


Sissa Micheli: “Possible camera directions”, 2013,
wooden boxes with silver adhesive letters, photogramms on silver leather, framed